About Us


 While earning a degree in Fine Art, I had the opportunity to go to Kenya, Africa to study. Among all the memories and wonderful souvenirs I brought home, was a small pouch of uncut gemstones.  Even as a very little girl, I had loved collecting rocks and now that I had what I considered at the time to be “exotic” gems, I decided to apprentice a lapidary and learn how to cut them.  While working as a lapidary, I enrolled in the Gemological Institute of America for post-graduate studies.

My studio name, Everyone’s Original, has been in business for more than twenty years.  I have designed all kinds of products, and my clients include the U.S. Marshals Foundation, The University of Denver, The Denver Art Museum, The Denver Botanic Gardens and The Denver History Museum.  Along the way, I discovered yoga, and found it helpful to lessen the physical tensions created by many hours of daily studio work.  It was also a way for me to clear my head, so that new artistic ideas had a quiet place to grow.  I learned that the reason for yoga is to stretch and open the chakras, which are areas of the body where we tend to hold emotional stress.  The more I found out about chakras, the more interested I became.  Shortly after that, I returned to lapidary work and soon, Chakra Jewel was born.

 Although the studio has been in business for more than twenty years, we began creating Chakra Jewels in 2007.  Specializing in sterling silver and high quality, genuine stones, we have amassed a collection of gemstones that has pretty much taken over the eighteen hundred square ft. studio space where we work.  With the help of four talented studio assistants and three fabulous sales reps, our small company has grown from a few local stores to stores all across the country.  Last year, we opened our first international account in Panama City, Panama.

Now we are thrilled to bring Chakra Jewels to the Internet.  Like people, each Chakra Jewel is unique and original.  No two could ever be exactly the same.  We are located in Littleton, Colorado and proudly stand behind our work.  We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee that you will love your jewel.  If not, you may return it for a full refund minus shipping.  We will gladly repair or replace merchandise that is defective due to our manufacturing.  Please see our return policy for details.

It is our intention to create exsquite and affordable jewelry that will help the wearer focus on their own personal energy, thus creating more peace and happiness in their lives.  We believe that balance in the world begins within ourselves.


Donna Cook, President

ChakraJewel LLC