Black Agate and Spinel Necklace for Root Chakra

Black Agate and Spinel Necklace for Root Chakra

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The first chakra is called the root chakra and is located at the base of the spine and down into the legs.  It is represented by two colors: red and black.

Stone: Black Etched Agate and Black Spinel

Size: approximately 1" tall x 1/2" wide  -or-  25mm tall x 18mm wide

Etched Agate and Black Spinel Necklace

Description: Agate is formed by water that seeps in between the layers and pockets of a host stone, eventually becoming part of the rock itself. The layers look similar to the concentric ring patterns found in a tree trunk.  What makes our root chakra agate so unusual is the etching process used to expose the layers of white rings within.  Etching the surface of a stone can be achieved in different ways, but the common ingredient is always some form of acid.  While hydrochloric acid is the strongest, lemon juice, vinegar, cola or even wine are all effective chemicals for etching stone.  That being said, it is also possible that this agate was sandblasted, but either way, the softer parts of the stone have been reduced, leaving raised patterns of white in a black/gray background.  When polished, the high areas take a soft sheen, but the etched areas are matte.  The stone pictured is a sample of the material, however, each stone has it's own unique patterns.  A faceted black spinel adorns the top.

Root Chakra Information for Black Agate and Black Spinel Necklace  

SURVIVE AND THRIVE. The first or root chakra connects us to the Earth.  Acknowledging that we belong to the Earth and not the other way around is the beginning of chakra awareness.  First chakra energy runs from the lower trunk of the body down through the feet.  You can feel this exchange of energy simply by bending your knees and pressing your feet against the ground.  Instantly you feel stronger and more balanced.  Sayings that are common to the root chakra include: standing your ground, finding your roots, being surefooted, well grounded or rock solid.   

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