Blue Coral and Carnelian Pendant for Throat Chakra

Blue Coral and Carnelian Pendant for Throat Chakra

  • $40.00

Our Pendants do not have chains.  It's the perfect solution for our Chakra Jewel collectors.

The fifth chakra, also called the throat chakra, is energized by the color blue.

Stone: Natural Blue Coral / Carnelian

Size: approximately  3/4" wide x 1" tall  -or-  18mm x 25mm

Blue Coral Pendant

Description: This blue coral is completely natural and has not been dyed or treated in any way.  The piece is well cut and polished, accentuating the organic character of the coral very nicely.  Calling to the throat chakra, the blue coral connects you to your voice.  We think the bright orange carnelian adds a creative touch.

Throat Chakra Information for Blue Coral and Carnelian Pendant

The throat chakra is also the fifth chakra and is focused on communication.  It is about finding your truth and expressing it.  This is no easy task.  It requires looking at yourself with the courage and integrity to stand up for what you truly believe.  Take care to allow for other viewpoints to exist.  You can be passionate about your beliefs, but others may see it differently.  This highly creative area of our personalities brings forth the artist within.  Dancing, singing, acting, painting, writing, etc. are forms of creative self expression.  The guiding principle of this chakra is truth.  It is the defining element in what makes art such a powerful form of communication.

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