Carnelian Earrings for Sacral Chakra

Carnelian Earrings for Sacral Chakra

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The second chakra is located in the hips.  It is energized by the color orange.

Stone:  Carnelian

Size:  approximately 3/8" x 5/8" -or- 10mm x 14mm

Carnelian Earrings

Description:  This fiery orange carnelian is nicely cut and the facets catch the light as you move your head.  There are some variances in the shades of orange, but all the material is similar to the sample shown.  It's surprising how much punch a little dash of orange can add.  Try wearing these earrings with blue denim (think of the orange stitching on a pair of jeans) or any time you want to awaken your enjoyment of life.

Sacral Chakra Information for Carnelian Earrings

The second, or sacral chakra is located in the hips.  The second level of awareness in our emotional anatomy is pleasure.   For example, now we seek more than just shelter.  Instead, we want a home that offers our own creative style and all the "creature comforts".  We desire the pleasure of a hot bubble bath verses rinsing off in a cold river.  We experience sexual and sensual pleasures for their own sake instead of just for reproductive functions.  The parts of our personalities that are impulsive, excitable, sensual and creative are held within the sacral chakra.

The most common form of imbalance in the sacral or second chakra can be seen as over indulgence.  It is the faulty belief that more is better, be it more material possessions, more sex, more excitement, more money, etc.  Balance in the second chakra is the realization that pleasure is not something we have to chase or buy.  It exists in the simplest of things as much as the most costly or difficult to attain. 

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