Citrine Bracelet for Third Chakra

Citrine Bracelet for Third Chakra

  • $275.00

 The third chakra is located in the solar plexis.  It calls to the color yellow.

Stone:  Citrine

Size:  approximately 7" circumference

Citrine Bangle Bracelet

Description:  Description:  Our sterling silver bangles are made especially for Chakra Jewel.  I love the mix of organic form and fine gems.  Seven golden citrine  stones are carefully placed around the substantial bangle to create our core chakra bracelet.  It is a round shape that can be gently squeezed to form an oval, allowing a comfortable fit over a larger hand.  The citrine stones in this bracelet are accurately represented in the photo and make me think of golden drops encircling my wrist.  This stunning bracelet can be worn solo or combined with another bangle, watch or bracelet.  Wearing them makes you feel warm from the inside out. 

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Core Chakra Information for Citrine Bangle Bracelet   

The third chakra is also called the core chakra and is located in the center of the body known as the solar plexis.  Within this chakra, we hold feelings of confidence, determination, discipline and prana, a term meaning “breath of life”.  The core chakra is the emotional center of power.  People who are comfortable in their third chakra can be tremendously successful, simply because self confidence is a magnet for others.  Imbalances in this area can range from lack of confidence or a powerless victim, to the other extreme where one abuses their power.  Feeling like your stomach is "all tied up in knots", or having a "nervous stomach" are sensations of this chakra.  Ulcers and digestive problems might result from these emotional imbalances.  Taking a deep breath that fills not just your lungs, but the entire area of the solar plexis will change your posture, and is often helpful in creating the feeling of being in charge of a situation.  Surrounding yourself in the color yellow is a great way to recharge your inner sun.





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