Matte  Black Onyx & Black Spinel Designer Pendant for Root Chakra

Matte Black Onyx & Black Spinel Designer Pendant for Root Chakra

  • $45.00

Our pendants do not come with a chain (although it is pictured here).  Pendants are the perfect solution for those who are adding to their Chakra Jewel collection or already have their own chain.

The first chakra is called the root chakra and is located at the base of the spine and down into the legs.  It is represented by two colors: red and black.

Stone: Black Onyx and black spinel

Size: approximately 2 1/4" tall x 5/8" wide  -or-  55mm x 17mm

Matte Black Onyx & Black Spinel Pendant

Description:  This is a sophisticated and powerful jewel.  The matte onyx has a soft sheen and is softer looking than our mirror polish black onyx.  The rice or pellet shape is three-dimensional, so it's nice to hold in your hand as well as wearing around your neck.  Because of its long 2" length, we have shown it on our large link 30"sterling silver chain. This jewel speaks volumes.  It is elegant and earthy.  Only a few pieces are available.  Snap it up - you won't be sorry.

Root Chakra Information for Black Onyx Pendant
SURVIVE AND THRIVE. The first or root chakra connects us to the Earth.  Acknowledging that we belong to the Earth and not the other way around is the beginning of chakra awareness.  First chakra energy runs from the lower trunk of the body down through the feet.  You can feel this exchange of energy simply by bending your knees and pressing your feet against the ground.  Instantly you feel stronger and more balanced.  Sayings that are common to the root chakra include: standing your ground, finding your roots, being surefooted, well grounded or rock solid.

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