Drusy and Hematite Earrings for Crown Chakra

Drusy and Hematite Earrings for Crown Chakra

  • $40.00

The crown or seventh chakra occupies the space just above the head.  It is associated with the colors purple and white.

Stone:  Drusy Quartz and Hematite

Size:  approximately 1/2" tall x 3/8" wide

Drusy Quartz and hematite Earrings

Description:  What differentiates drusy quartz from other varieties of quartz are the tiny crystals that grow along the surface.  These crystals are so tiny that they look as though the stone has been sprinkled with sugar.  It reminds me of freshly fallen snow.  Sometimes drusy quartz is treated to have metallic coloration, but our drusy is completely natural and without treatment of any kind.  The shiny dark gray hematite on top is a striking contrast and just the right touch on these crown chakra earrings.  

 Crown Chakra Information for Drusy Quartz and Hematite Earrings
The seventh chakra is called the crown chakra.  It is symbolized by a lotus flower with a thousand petals resembling  a crown.  In this chakra, bodily concerns are left behind and the focus of energy resides in the space just above the head.  It is interesting to note that the seventh chakra hovers in the same area as a halo.  Considered to be the gateway to the universe, the crown chakra holds our desire to reach beyond our physical selves in the search for our creator and true enlightenment.

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