Elephant Skin Jasper Earrings - Core Chakra

Elephant Skin Jasper Earrings - Core Chakra

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The third chakra is located in the solar plexis.  It is energized by the color yellow.

Stone:  Elephant skin jasper

Size:  approximately3/8" wide x 5/8? long -or- 12mm x 15mm

Elephant Skin Jasper Earrings

Description:  Jasper takes many forms, but this elephant skin variety is especially distinctive.  The colors are honey brown and mustard yellows that swirl around each other to form all sorts of abstract designs.  Every piece is completely unique.  Although different kinds of jasper are found all over the world, the only elephant skin jasper mines are in Africa.  Please note that your stones will vary slightly from the ones pictured.  All of our elephant skin jasper is wild and wonderful.

Core Chakra Information for Elephant Skin Jasper Earrings
The third chakra is also called the core chakra. It is located in the center of the body known as the solar plexis.  Within this chakra, we hold feelings of confidence, determination, discipline and prana, a term meaning “breath of life”.  The core chakra is the emotional center of power.  People who are comfortable in their third chakra can be tremendously successful, simply because self confidence is a magnet for others.  (Think of the uber self confident character Arthur Fonzerelli, aka The Fonz). 
Imbalances in this area can range from lack of confidence to powerless victim.  Common terms for this imbalance might be: Flip flops in your stomach, a stomach that is all tied up in knots or having butterflies in your stomach.  An imbalance at the other end of the core chakra spectrum would be someone who abuses their power in which case we might say they were power hungry or full of themselves.  Taking a deep breath that fills not just your lungs, but the entire area of the solar plexis will change your posture, and is often helpful to calm yourself down and feel empowered.  Surrounding yourself in the color yellow is a great way to recharge your inner sun.

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