Iolite Bangle Bracelet for Third Eye Chakra

Iolite Bangle Bracelet for Third Eye Chakra

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The sixth chakra is located between the eyes.  It is represented by the color indigo

Stone:  Iolite

Size:  approximately 7" circumference

Iolite Bangle Bracelet

Description:  Our sterling silver bangles are made especially for ChakraJewel.  I love the mix of organic form and fine gems.  Seven sparkling iolites are carefully placed around the substantial bangle to create our heart chakra bracelet.  It is a round shape that can be gently squeezed to form an oval, allowing a comfortable fit over a larger hand.  The mysterious iolites in this bracelet are a bit darker than represented in the photo and appear almost black until light shines through them.  This stunning bracelet can be worn solo or combined with another bangle, watch or bracelet.

Third Eye Chakra Information for Iolite Bracelet
In the chakra philosophy, we have two eyes that look out at the world and a third eye that looks inward, hence the chakra located in the center of the forehead is called the third eye chakra.  Functions in this chakra include insight, mental focus, intuition and memory.  Have you ever tried to remember something and looked up, as if you could see into your own mind for the answer?  This is also the area that involves our imagination.   Consider how it feels when you're listening to someone reading you a story.  You might feel a sort of disconnect from your body.  Instead, your energy is highly concentrated in the forehead, as you imagine the story coming to life.
From this chakra, we can see the world as an observer.  If you've ever sat in a crowd and found yourself "people watching", you were engaging with your third eye chakra.  By being able to side step the drama of a situation and simply observe, you are able to "see" what's going on at a deeper level.  When we stop worrying about how others "see" us, we are free to follow our intuition in the quest for finding greater purpose in life. 
Common sayings that relate to the Third Eye Chakra:  Having eyes in the back of your head, or a sixth sense. 



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