Kyanite and Sapphire Necklace for Throat Chakra

Kyanite and Sapphire Necklace for Throat Chakra

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 The fifth chakra is located in the throat, as well as the ears and nose.  It responds to the color blue.

Stone: Kyanite

Size: approximately 7/8" diamond shape or 22mm diamond shape

Kyanite and Sapphire Necklace

Description: Kyanite is characterized by a glistening, satiny sort of look.  The majority of kyanite is gray to colorless, so the blue and green varieties are far more rare.  Our blue kyanite jewel makes me think of the eyes of a child.  It shimmers like mica and the color is innocent and refreshing.  It is found in Virgina and California in the US and is also mined in South Africa.  Wear it with a pair of faded denims and a white t-shirt and you're good to go anywhere in the world.  The current shape is oval.

Throat Chakra Information for Kyanite and Sapphire Necklace

The throat chakra is also the fifth chakra and is focused on communication.  It is about finding your truth and expressing it.  This is no easy task.  It requires an honest look at yourself and the courage and integrity to stand up for what you truly believe.  While this depth of personal clarity is highly admirable, care must be taken to allow for other viewpoints to exist.  This highly creative area of our personalities brings forth the artist within.  Dancing, singing, acting, painting, writing, etc. are forms of creative self expression.  The guiding principle of this chakra is truth.  It is the defining element in what makes art such a powerful form of communication.  

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