Mint Chrysoprase and Emerald Pendant for Heart Chakra

  • $40.00

For those who already have a chain or are adding to their Chakra Jewel collection, this is the perfect solution. Pendants do not have a chain, but are presented on our award-winning sustainable packaging.

The fourth chakra is called the heart chakra and is associated with the colors green and pink.

Stones: Mint Chrysoprase and Emerald

Size 1.25" tall x 1/2" wide -or- 30mm x 22mm

Mint Chrysoprase and Emerald Pendant

Description:  This chrysoprase is a sample of a stone native to Australia.  This particular material is a stunning mint green and free of any brown matrix or veining, which is most unusual for chrysoprase.  It has a clean, refreshing energy that is perfect for spring and summer.  We also feature a lemon chrysoprase, but the hue of this stone is sweeter and a little more blue. Chrysoprase is the rarest of the chalcedony family and this color is unlike any I have seen before.  It has a soothing and uplifting energy - wonderful for the heart chakra.  Chrysoprase is somewhat heat sensitive, so you might want to store it away from sunlight when it is not being worn.  We have added a faceted emerald to complete this fourth chakra jewel, but depending on the actual piece, we may select a green tourmaline.  The shapes we are cutting this material include ovals, teardrops and marquise (pointed at either end and wider through the middle). Regardless of the shape, all the stones are similar to the sample in the photo for size, color and quality.    

Heart Chakra Information for Mint Chrysoprase and Emerald Pendant
The fourth chakra is located in the heart, chest and shoulders.  It is called the heart chakra because it is the place where we feel joy and a universal love for all of life.  It is a place of healing and hope.  Love, compassion and kindness are positive feelings we hold in the heart chakra.  Negative emotions such as despair, depression, cruelty and loneliness are felt in this area as well.  Common phrases that describe the sensations of the heart would include:  "My heart was overflowing with happiness", "(He/She) broke my heart", "I love you with all my heart" or "How can you be so heartless?"  Depression is often described as having a heavy heart, or carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.  More than any other chakra, the state of our heart chakra determines how happy we feel.


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