Mother of Pearl - seventh chakra pendant

Mother of Pearl - seventh chakra pendant

  • $40.00

Our pendants differ from necklaces in that they do not have a chain.  For those who wish to expand their ChakraJewel collection or already have a chain, this is the perfect solution.  All our necklaces are available as pendants. 

The seventh chakra is located in the space just above the head.  It is associated with the colors white and purple.

Stone:  Mother of Pearl

Size:  approximately 3/4" tall x 1/2" wide  -or- 18mm x 13mm

Description:  Our white mother of pearl is dazzling and will undoubtedly dress up whatever you choose to wear it with.  Mother of pearl is characterized by it's chatoyancy, or ability to change it's luster depending on the light.  The color is not a flat white, but rather it is rich and creamy looking.  No matter what your skin tone, this jewel is pure luminescence against it.   A pearl sits just above the stone to complete this elegant  seventh chakra jewel.

Chakra information:  The seventh chakra, also known as the crown chakra, is symbolized by a lotus flower with a thousand petals that resemble a crown.  Bodily concerns are left behind and the focus of energy resides in the space just above the head.  It i interesting to note that the seventh chakra hovers in the same areas as a halo.  Considered to be the gateway to the universe, the crown chakra focuses on our desire to reach beyond our physical selves in the search for our creator and true enlightenment.

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