Orange Calcite Necklace - Sacral chakra pendant

Orange Calcite Necklace - Sacral chakra pendant

  • $40.00

Our pendants differ from necklaces in that they do not have a chain.  For those who wish to expand their ChakraJewel collection or have their own chain, this is a perfect solution.

The second chakra is associated with the color orange.

Stone: Orange Calcite and Golden Pyrite.

Size:  approximately 5/8" wide x 1 1/4" long or 15mm x 30mm

Orange Calcite and Golden Pyrite Pendant

 Description:  I love the pumpkin orange of this stone.  It's earthy and wild.  Calcite is very soft, so it gleams, but does not take a mirror finish.  We've paired it with a faceted golden pyrite which dresses it up nicely.  The elongated oval is a flattering shape, but it's the color and quality of the calcite that really makes this an unusual find.

Sacral Chakra Information for Orange Calcite and Golden Pyrite Pendant

The second chakra, or sacral chakra is located in the hips.  The second level of awareness in our emotional anatomy is pleasure.  Having attained our basic survival needs, we begin to look for things that give us pleasure and a better quality of life.  We want more than just shelter; now we seek a home that offers our own creative style.  We desire the pleasure of a hot bubble bath verses rinsing off in a cold river.  Sexual and sensual pleasures are enjoyable on their own, in addition to reproductive functions.  The part of our personalities that are impulsive, excitable and creative is held within the sacral chakra.

The most common form of imbalance in the sacral or second chakra can be seen as over indulgence.  It is the faulty belief that more is better, be it more material possessions, more sex, more excitement, etc.  Balance in the second chakra is the realization that pleasure is not something we have to chase or buy.  Pleasure exists in the simplest of things, as much as the most costly or difficult to attain.  Within each of us is a still pool of water that reflects the beauty we hold inside.

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