Picasso Jasper and Carnelian Necklace for Third Eye Chakra

Picasso Jasper and Carnelian Necklace for Third Eye Chakra

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The sixth chakra is located between the eyes.  It is associated with indigo or dark blue.

Stone: Picasso Jasper and carnelian

Size: approximately 3/4" wide x 1 1/4" long -or- 22mm x 30mm

Picasso Jasper and Carnelian Necklace

Description: Smudged with deep blue/black streaks across a pale gray background, our Picasso Jasper necklace is striking and dramatic.  It is like wearing a piece of the sky during a storm.  There can be occasional inclusions of orange that remind me of lightening and each piece has its own exciting character.  I love the matte finish on this material.  It is smooth and natural, as if it had just been pulled from the fire. We have shown this sample jewel with an orange carnelian accent, but depending on the actual piece, we may vary the material on the top.  This stone will draw you into it, helping connect you to the mystery and energy stored within your third eye chakra.   


Third Eye Chakra Information for Picasso Jasper and Carnelian Necklace
In the chakra philosophy, we have two eyes that look out at the world and a third eye that sees within, hence the chakra located in the center of the forehead is called the third eye chakra.  Functions in this chakra include insight, mental focus, intuition and memory.  This is where our imagination lives.  Having eyes in the back of your headbeing a visionary, or having sixth sense are common statements that pertain to the third eye chakra.  From this chakra, we can see the world as an observer.  If you've ever sat in a crowd and found yourself "people watching", you were engaging with your third eye chakra.  By being able to side step the drama of a situation and simply observe, you are able to "see" what's going on at a deeper level.  When we stop worrying about how others "see" us, we are free to follow our intuition in the quest to finding greater purpose in life.

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