Pink Amethyst Necklace for Heart Chakra

Pink Amethyst Necklace for Heart Chakra

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The heart chakra is located in the heart, chest and shoulders.  It is energized by the colors green and pink.

Stone: Pink Amethyst and amethyst

Size:  approximately 3/4" or 20mm coin shape

Pink Amethyst Necklace

Description:  Our pink amethyst stone makes me think of pink champagne.  It is a lively, sparkly shade of pink and lavender that calls to  the heart as well as the crown chakra.  Because it is faceted on both sides, the play of light makes the stone delicate and eye catching.  I might even call it flirtatious.  There are some inclusions in this material, but I find it adds to the interest of the stone.  With regards to gemstones, things that are too perfect are usually man made.  Nature is far more interesting.

 Heart Chakra Information for Pink Amethyst Necklace

The fourth or heart chakra is located in the heart, chest and shoulders.  It is called the heart chakra because it is the place where we feel joy and a universal love for all of life.  It is where we hold the capacity for healing and hope.  Love, compassion and kindness are positive feelings we hold in the heart chakra.  Negative emotions such as despair, depression, cruelty and loneliness are felt in this area as well.  Common phrases that describe the sensations of the heart chakra would include: My heart was overflowing with love, He/she broke my heart, I love you with all my heart or How can you be so heartless?.  Depression is often described as having a heavy heart, or carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.  More than any other chakra, the state of our heart chakra determines how happy we feel.

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