Red Garnet Necklace - root chakra necklace

Red Garnet Necklace - root chakra necklace

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The first chakra, also known as the root chakra is located at the base of the spine where the legs meet the trunk of the body.  It is energized by the colors red and black.

Stone:  Garnet

Size:  approximately 3/4" tall x 1/2" wide

Red Garnet Necklace

Description:  Garnets are best known for their rich, red color, as is shown in our spectacular first chakra jewel.  The larger stone is very dark and regal-looking, especially with the faceted fine garnet which sits on top.  Think of black cherry soda or dark bing cherries for color.  The stone pictured is a sample, but all the material we have is quite similar.  When I have purchased garnets in the rough, they are shaped like eight-sided soccer balls that are so dark, they appear black.  We are cutting these stones in our studio to be thinner, so that the light can shine through and light up the color inside.   You can expect some small surface pits, as garnets are often frought with inclusions. It is rare to find ones that are as large and clean as ours. 

Root Chakra Information for Garnet Necklace 
When embarking on chakra study, this is the place to begin.  The first or root chakra is centered around our most basic need to survive and thrive.  Security, home, safety, family and a connection to the earth are all paramount to this chakra.  First chakra energy runs through the lower trunk of the body down to the feet.  Simply by pressing your feet against the ground, you feel stronger and more balanced.  Standing your ground, finding your roots, being surefooted, well grounded or rock solid, are all common sayings that revolve around the first chakra.  Communing with nature is a sure way to connect with this part of the chakra system.  It is the feeling that we belong to the earth, not the other way around.

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