Tiger Eye & Golden Pyrite Necklace - Core Chakra

Tiger Eye & Golden Pyrite Necklace - Core Chakra

  • $60.00

The third chakra is called the core chakra and responds to the color yellow.

Stone:  Tiger Eye and Golden Pyrite

Size:  Approximately 5/8" wide x 3/4" tall -or- 20mm x 28mm

Tiger Eye and Golden Pyrite Necklace

Description:   Tiger Eye is known for its dazzling shimmer of gold, and our core chakra jewel is an outstanding example of this magnificent stone.  The shimmer is formed when iron oxide is trapped between layers of quartz and crocidolite, which results in parallel ribbons of deep golden shimmers that move with the light.  Found only in South Africa near the diamond mines, this areas boasts mountains formed entirely of tiger eye!  We have chosen golden pyrite to accent this spectacular third chakra jewel.

Chakra Information for Tiger Eye and Golden Pyrite Necklace:

The third chakra is also called the core chakra. It is located in the center of the body known as the solar plexis.  Within this chakra, we hold feelings of confidence, determination, discipline and prana, a term meaning “breath of life”.  The core chakra is the center of our personal power.  People who are comfortable in their third chakra can be tremendously successful, simply because self-confidence is a magnet for others. 

Imbalances in this area can range from powerless victim to someone who abuses their power.  Again, the central theme here is personal power.  Feeling flip-flops or butterflies in your stomach, or the sensation that your stomach is all tied up in knots are linked to the core chakra.  Being power hungry or full of oneself is also attributable to the core chakra.  Taking a deep breath that fills not just the lungs, but the entire area of the solar plexis will change a person's posture and help them to feel more empowered.  Surround yourself with the color yellow and recharge your inner sun. 

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