How Can Chakra Jewelry Help Me?

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What Does Jewelry Have To Do With My Chakras?

Simply put, wearing chakra jewelry is a highly effective and beautiful way to put us in touch with our emotions.  

In addition to adorning oneself with the beauty that comes from Mother Earth, chakra jewels is jewelry with a deeper meaning.  Just as yoga is more than mere exercise, chakra jewelry is more than a pretty accessory.  Here's why.     

Chakra jewels bring not only the power of color, but the energy of the stone into play.  Stones have a way of drawing a person into them, which offers an opportunity for looking deeper into oneself.  Gazing into a clear quartz crystal has a clearing or cleansing effect.  It is a wonderful way to detox from a stressful day. Try holding a sparkling yellow citrine or a piece of deep golden amber and you will find it is nearly impossible to squelch the enthusiasm and optimism of the color yellow. Finding your inner power and confidence is suddenly easier. These are but two examples of color/stone energy.

As you look at and read about stones, pay attention to the ones that draw you in. Often our customers will ask which stone we think is right for them.  It usually comes down to which one they think looks better on them verses selecting one that  corresponds to a chakra which has a special significance for them. My answer, of course, is both!  I'm not being indecisive here.  The reality is that they are being worn for entirely different reasons.  If a person is wearing the jewel to connect with an inner conflict they are trying to resolve, the stone is much more about bringing their focus to an issue. If they are drawn to a stone because it makes them feel more attractive, it has no less value, but it is comparing apples to oranges in terms of the purpose.  

Chakras and their colors

The following is a list of the chakras and their respective colors which I hope will be helpful in selecting the Chakra Jewel that is right for you at this time:

First chakra - Red or Black - stability, strength, your roots

Second chakra - Orange - pleasure, creativity

Third chakra - Yellow - power, confidence, control

Fourth chakra - Green or Pink - love, healing, hope

Fifth chakra - Blue - communication, self expression, art

Sixth chakra - Indigo - intuition, memory, mental focus

Seventh chakra - Purple or White - enlightenment, higher consciousness




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