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Meditation Magic

If you've tried to meditate and ended up falling asleep instead, you're not alone.  Here's an awesome way to meditate that won't put you to sleep.   

At the risk of sounding like a blast from the past, I've rediscovered Lava lamps. Invented by Edward Walker and trademarked in 1963, I didn't get around to getting one until the early 2000's  An interior designer had used one in a show home as a "retro" look, and I thought it was great fun.  

I ended up getting two lamps, one with yellow wax and one with green.  Both were in clear water.  I mention this because they are also available with colored water, but that is not as good for the purpose of chakra meditation.  But I am getting ahead of myself.  After enjoying them for a few years, I tucked the lamps away in a closet where they remained for a decade.  Then about six months ago, I came across them and wasted no time plugging them both in.  My 3 year old was fascinated and so was I!  One lamp led to another and soon, I'd acquired a vintage purple one, an orange one, a brilliant red one and a glitter lamp to boot!  As of yesterday, I added an indigo to my chakra collection! (a holiday present to myself!) Very excited for it to arrive. Ebay has been a good resource.  I like the original 16 1/2" size that is vintage.  Check to see that they use a 40 watt appliance bulb.  

I placed my lamps on a ledge in a long, dark hallway.  When they're all going at once, they make an exciting and stimulating destination instead of well, a long, dark hallway.  As the wax heats up and begins to flow, colored bubbles rise and fall in a meditative dance.  Each color of wax moves at it's own pace and seems to develop its own unique patterns of flow.  While you may not feel the need to have a rainbow of lava lamps, if you are truly interested in meditation, I cannot recommend the use of one more highly.  

Find your center, find your peace and speak your truth.



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