How To Stay Calm During Elections

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  • I found this blog from 2014.  And here we are again.  It's the 2016 elections in America, and it's crazier than ever.  I hope this advice helps you find a place of balance.  Begin by taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly.  Then do it again.

1.  Listening to people saying vicious and terrible things about each other has an extremely negative effect on our chakras, both personally and as a society.  It shows us at our worst.  It is self destructive. 

2.  It makes us more afraid and it feeds on that fear.  It is a cycle. 

3.  Nothing stays the same forever.  Change is inevitable.  

4.  The media makes every issue a reality show.  You can choose to turn it off.      

 Staying Grounded During Election Times

Take a deep breath.  Then take another one and exhale slowly.  Remind yourself that you belong to the Earth more than a political party.  Sink your toes into some sand or look up at a the changing leaves of a magnificent tree.  Think about roots coming out your toes.  Hold a rock, especially after it's been warm from the sun - better yet, get a hot stone massage. Do something good for the earth.  You'll be surprised at how healing that little action can be.

Vote, and then turn off mainstream television and the radio.  Choose reading matter that is interesting and encouraging.  For the rest of the week, watch movies, talk with family, spend time with your pet, call a friend.  Leave politics at the door.

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