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Blue is about relationships.  It is the color of givers, helpers, teachers, etc., but perhaps most of all, friends.  Blue energizes the fifth chakra, which is located in the throat.  It is the pure essence of truth.  The phrase, true blue, refers to being loyal and is often used to describe a best friend - someone who will stand up for you when others do not.  Indeed, those of us who have a friend who is true blue are among the very fortunate. 



Blue connects us to feelings of reliability, trustworthiness, honesty, sincerity and trust.  As a public speaker, wearing red will make your audience look at you, but wearing blue will make your message sound more believable.  Politicians often wear navy blue to send a non-verbal message that they are trustworthy and honest.  In America, police officers wear navy blue uniforms for much the same reason.


While the positive focus on blue is about truth, calm analysis, sincerity, loyalty and trustworthiness, like everything in life, there is another side to the effects blue can evoke.  Too much of the color  blue can cause feelings of depression or sadness.  Those people whose personalities are strongest in their fifth or throat chakra tend to have a hard time accepting points of view other than their own. In essence, they cannot accept that another's truths are just as valid to them.  This can result in a lack of flexibility that can make life rigid and sometimes painful.  


Blue, which is the color most often chosen as the universal favorite, is one of the three primary colors, the others being red and yellow.  All other colors can be made from these three pigments, ie, blue and red make purple, blue and yellow make green, blue and green make turquoise, blue and purple make indigo, etc.


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