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 3 tips that will help you with purchasing jewelry

1. Is it real? 

There are two basic categories of jewelry.  One is referred to as  fine or "real" jewelry,  while the other is known as fashion or costume jewelry.  Fine jewelry is made from sterling silver, gold or platinum.  These are known as precious metals.  Gold and platinum have become very high in price, and even the smallest amount will up the price of the jewelry considerably, but sterling silver is still an affordable way to make a jewelry investment.  Regardless of the design, style or age of jewelry, if it is made from precious metals, the jewelry will always have monetary value, even if it is sold or traded only for the weight.  You can reuse your precious metals by having them melted and made into other jewelry.  Further, jewelry that is made from gold, silver and platinum can be heated for purposes such as resizing a ring or adding links to extend a chain or hammered to fit as a bracelet cuff.       

Fashion or costume jewelry is made for the artistic design only.  The metals are often referred to as "nickel silver or pot metal" and will not hold up to being heated or hammered.  Stones are often glued in place, and the metal parts are not as strong as precious metals.  Repairing most costume jewelry is either not possible or not worth the money in labor costs to do so.  This doesn't mean that costume jewelry doesn't serve a purpose.  This kind of jewelry can be lovely looking and easy on your pocket book.  If the piece is trendy or purchased to go with an outfit, you won't be upset if the outfit goes out of style or jewelry trends change.  It doesn't require insuring and is sometimes hard to tell whether it's "real" or not by a quick glance.

2.  Are the stones genuine?

Genuine stones also add value to your jewelry.  Using resin, plastic or glass in jewelry is nothing new, in fact, glass was used in jewelry made by the early Romans.  However, man-made substances such as glass and plastic can be re-created at will, while stones from Mother Nature are a one of a kind.  Genuine stones have their own energy, as is evidenced by the excitement of owning a diamond, or the enduring love people feel for turquoise.                         

3.  Does it fit?

Before buying a piece of jewelry, be sure you can adjust it to fit you.  If it's a watch, check to be sure you can have links removed or added to the band.  If it's a ring, be aware that you can not have it re-sized unless it is made from sterling silver, gold or platinum.  Earrings that are too heavy will be uncomfortable to wear for any length of time.  Feel the weight of the earrings in your hand before buying them.  Large earrings that have a lot of cut-out work, or are made from thin metal will be much more comfortable to wear.  If you have a smaller or larger than average neck, look for necklaces that have a chain at the end so that you can adjust them to fit.

From ancient amulets to the crown jewels, from expressing love to healing the spirit, jewelry has been and continues to be a favorite way of personal adornment.  We at Chakra Jewel wish you a happy jewelry buying experience and hope you will visit us soon.     


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