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Amethyst And The Meaning Of Purple

Violet is the name of the shortest lightwave visible to our eyes, while purple refers to the color made by mixing blue and red.  For purposes of this blog, I will use violet and purple interchangeably as their essence and vibrations are so similar.

Imagine discovering a cave where the walls are covered with sparkling amethyst crystals.  From the tiniest crystals that resemble purple sugar to huge seven-sided crystals as large as an average person, humans have had a love affair with amethyst.  Across the world, amethyst has long been worn by royalty, reserved for those who occupy the highest status in their culture.  On a spiritual plane, amethyst calls to our highest selves as we search for true enlightenment and answers to esoteric questions about our own existence and what lies beyond the here and now.  We explore these issues through our seventh or crown chakra, which resides in the space just above the head.  Interestingly, the seventh chakra exists in the same area occupied by a halo, once again awakening our spiritual self in the search for the divine.   

Humanitarian efforts, imagination, psychic ability, expanding our awareness of spiritual enlightenment, fantasy and indeed, the transformation of the soul is all within the energy that comes from the color purple, and there is no more spectacular purple than that seen in a sparkling amethyst crystal.     

As with all things in life, there is a duality to the emotions that are awakened with purple.  Just as it draws out characteristics we attribute to the highest self, the negative aspects of purple can reflect immature behavior, depression (especially with dark purple), aloofness, arrogance and delusions of grandeur.  An example of the negative aspects of purple might be someone who is seeking enlightenment and ends up in a religious cult.

Meditating with an amethyst crystal can help the spirit soar to places far beyond the physical as we search for our creator and the answers that await in the great universe of time and space.   


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