Chakra Jewels For The Holidays

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Chakra Jewels are made after the order is placed.   This allows us to consider the person who placed the order and try to communicate with them through the gems.  Quality control is really important to us.  Since we purchase our beads by the string, some stones are more exciting than others.  Rarely do we use every stone from a strand, rather, we pick the nicest material to start with.  After close inspection for color, character, sparkle and cut, we pick the one that speaks to us. Some stones are fairly uniform, while other, such as RED CREEK JASPER are wildly different patterns.  

When we get a request for a Chakra Jewel, we lay out all the available pieces of that particular stone.  After carefully selecting the stone that seems to stand out among the others, it is drilled and cut.  We search for just the right support stone to compliment the energy of the piece, so while our photos may show a particular support bead, you may receive a slightly jewel with a different support stone.  We try as many five or six different stones, until we all agree that the jewel looks complete, happy and powerful.  I always imagine myself opening the little jewelry pouch and pulling the necklace out for the first time.  If it speaks to me, then I send the piece on its way.


The holidays come up quickly.  

Please order your Chakra Jewel as soon as possible to make sure it arrives before the holidays!  

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