Chakras - A Road Map To Emotions

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A Pathway to Understanding Emotions

Chakras are all about our emotions.  Consider how often things are said in the heat of anger or the passion of love.  How often do we find ourselves feeling all mixed up, or at a crossroads in our lives where we are in conflict as to the best resolution?  

Making Order From Chaos

Chakras give us a way to organize our emotions.  The first chakra is located at the base of the spine.  Known as the root chakra, this energy travels down the legs and into the Earth.  The issues in the root chakra are primal ones - the need to feel safe, have food, and feel a secure sense that you are where you belong.  All chakra work begins with connecting to the first chakra.  It is nearly impossible to focus on anything else if a person is hungry/starving or in great danger.  The root chakra might be summed up in the words: Survive and Thrive. The chakra system ends at the seventh or crown chakra, which resides outside the body just above the head.  Within this chakra are abstract concepts such as the nature of the universe and the existence of a higher power.  It might best be summed up in the words: Rise Above It.  

The inability to understand our emotions can leave us stuck in scenarios that repeat over and over.  Using chakra therapy can be a powerful way to unblock or let go of emotional baggage that prevents us from living a fuller, happier and more peaceful life.  Chakra Jewels are tools to help focus your energy on specific areas of the body that store emotions.  Be aware that the jewels can not do the work for you, but they can help you get there. Gazing into a clear quartz crystal engages one sort of energy, while a pale blue aquamarine or a satiny black hypersthene give off very different kinds of energy.  The stones might be likened to getting a cab ride to exactly where you want to go.  What you do when you get there is up to you.


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