Chakra Stone Meanings Part Four - Rose Quartz

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Heart Chakra Stone Meanings

     In each chakra, we hold particular feelings that are connected because they are opposites.  Balancing them is the key to a higher level of awareness.  In the heart chakra, we hold feelings of kindness and cruelty, love and apathy, hope and depression, joy and sadness.  The emotions of the heart can be complicated, for example, it might seem cruel to be rejected by a lover, but it is still kinder than being strung along by someone who doesn't share those feelings.  Weddings will often cause parents to smile through their tears, as they feel a sadness for the ending of childhood and joyous at the promise of the future.

     Within the heart chakra, we hold the capacity for a love much greater than the love between two people.  It is a universal love that extends to life itself.  This kind of love is rejuvenating and has the power to heal on a larger scale.  Ever had something wonderful happen and you feel the need to pass on your good feelings to others?  That is the universal love that lives in the heart chakra.  It does a heart good, to bring joy to others. 

Healing Properties of Rose Quartz For The Heart Chakra
      One of the most loving stones I can think of is rose quartz.  Imagine bathing in a tub made from rose quartz and feeling the energy of all that heart healing goodness.  As an artist, I am highly sensitive to the vibrations of colors.  As a stone cutter (lapidary), I am also attuned to the essence of rocks.  Rose quartz is a very effective stone in the journey to heal the heart.  Try holding it while you meditate on the following scenario:  Imagine a cold, sharp sliver of glass that is sticking into your heart.  No matter what you do, this piece of glass causes you pain and the pain leads to sadness and depression.  Still holding the rose quartz, imagine yourself reaching in and pulling the piece of glass from your heart, while the tissue knits back together in front of your eyes.  For the first time in a long while, you no longer feel the heaviness, sadness or pain in your heart.  You are free to feel love, hope and feel joy without fear of pain.  I recommend wearing rose quartz near your heart, while working on these sorts of issues.  You can repeat this meditation as often as you like, practicing letting your heart heal.  Other pink stones that are very energizing to the heart chakra are rhodochrosite, pink amethyst, pink tourmaline, pink topaz and pink Peruvian opal.


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