All New Chakra Earrings!

Posted by Donna Cook on

New Chakra Earrings

In our opinion, there are four things that make for a great pair of earrings: comfort, movement, color and sparkle.  With that in mind, we came up with a whole new line of chakra earrings that we're very excited to share with you!  The collection begins with our new handmade sterling silver ear wires.  We start with 21 gauge sterling wire which is a touch heavier than most, so our earrings do not bend out of shape.  In addition to being beautiful, they are easy to put on and so comfortable, you can wear them all day or night.  Our earrings are made to match our chakra necklaces and chakra pendants, even down to the sparkling crystal collar.  And of course, we finish every earring with our signature dangle, so even the smallest movement of your head will make them dance. The design is elegant, lightweight and comfortable, adding just enough color and sparkle to light up your face.  We invite you to browse our new chakra earring collection today and find the pair that will surely become the one piece of jewelry you are never without.

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