What is New Age?

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The New Age Movement

New Age refers to a broad umbrella of spiritual philosophies.  What all of these philosophies share is a belief in tolerance, an open-mindedness if you will, that allows for exploration of the spirit and the evolution of cultural consciousness.  It is called New Age, not because it is new, but rather, it refers to the end of the age of Pisces and the beginning of the age of Aquarius.  Ages are thought to last about two thousand years, so it is noteworthy when such a change occurs.  

What kinds of ideas are New Age?

New Age ideas are a compilation of thoughts and practices that stem from religious traditions of the Far East, Hinduism, Buddhism, Gaia philosophy, environmentalism, astrology, folk religions, Wiccan and quantum physics, to name a few.  There are practices borrowed from Christianity, Judaism and mysticism as well as others.  This enormous amount of ideology and beliefs makes it difficult if not impossible to nail down exactly what New Age is, however, the aim is to create a world view or holistic approach to all of life that includes science and spirituality. The human consciousness is evolving to the realization that everything is connected.  Regardless of whether one's New Age practice includes meditation, yoga, chanting, channeling, energy work, crystal therapy or mainstream science, it is done with the intent of finding a path to spirituality without narrow borders.  It explores the worlds beyond our five senses of touch, smell, hearing, seeing or tasting.  Above all, it embraces a positive view of who we are and what purpose we serve.

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