Rhodochrosite is back!

Posted by Donna Cook on

Beautiful Rhodochrosite


We were doing our spring cleaning in the studio and lo and behold, we discovered the last four pieces of these gorgeous, large rhodochrosite beauties, which had been missing for months!  The shape is a sort of softened heart, which is perfect for this heart chakra stone.  I only wish there had been more, but alas, that is the way it is with gemstones.  Gem shows are sort of like traveling carnivals and when the show is over, the stones are packed away, never to return.  I bought all that was to be had and have never seen anything like them again, in spite of attending more than thirty gem shows a year.  So there you have it.  The last of the biggest, yummiest rhodochrosite you will find anywhere.  Share the love.





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