Are Rocks Alive?

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Are Rocks Alive? 

Yes, I would say that rocks are alive - that is to say, they react to temperature, they expand and contract, they can absorb moisture, and they can change states entirely, such as petrified wood that changes into stone given a hundred million years or so. All igneous rocks were once liquid. Further, a stone can react to an individual's body chemistry and change color. It can also shift the energy that comes off of it,  depending on the wearer. When bathed under water, a stone will appear to "wake up", bringing forth it's inner power. All of these things suggest that a rock is alive.

Do Rocks Run Out Of Energy?

This is a good question. The energy inherent in a stone does not run out, however, stones can become dull and offer less of a spiritual connection after being handled a great deal either by the same person or multiple people. I find when I pass a rock specimen around a group of people, it takes on a different energy than when it has been freshly rinsed. Also, if a stone has been sitting for a long time, has gotten dusty or needs a general refreshing, a simple pass under running water will instantly change the energy that it is putting out. It amazes me how the moment the stone is doused in water, it seems to breathe.    

How Long Should I Wear A Stone?

It is very effective to have different stones you can wear for different times in your life. In metaphysical philosophies such as chakras, the connection you make to your inner self can be quicker, deeper and more frequent through wearing stones on your body. By touching, gazing or just feeling the stone around your neck, you can quickly focus your attention to the personal issues that you want to examine. It is fine to change from one stone to another and back again without fear that the stone will lose its energy. When you do change stones, however, be sure to give the new one a rinse under water before putting it on and give it weekly rinsing there after. This only requires a quick rinse, but is well worth the time.  Remember to be conscious of the way the stone feels on your body, not just the way it looks.   

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