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Mother's Day Gifts With Meaning

Mother's Day will soon be here, and there is no one more special than a "mom", especially if she's yours.  The most traditional of gifts is taking mom out for Sunday brunch.  After years of meals she's put on the table, a day of deliciousness that requires she neither cook nor clean seems an obvious choice, but my bet is that you've done that number before.  What some suggestions for something different this year?  Read on. . .   

10 suggestions for the best Mother's Day gifts:

1.  Instead of stuffing her with fattening food in a noisy restaurant, why not pack a light lunch and take a walk with your mother around a beautiful park? Make a pact with yourself to keep the conversation about her, not you.  Encourage her to tell you about her memories of being a mom. Be a good listener. Spend time talking with her about the memories she has given you and the things she has taught you about life. Think about these things ahead of time, so you will be prepared to guide the conversation around her. This meaningful one on one time is beyond anything you can buy her.     

2.  So often, women don't buy themselves jewelry. They tell themselves that they a.) shouldn't splurge b.) aren't worth it c.) will wait for their husbands to buy it for them. If you are going to buy your mom jewelry for Mother's Day this year, look for something real. Costume jewelry just doesn't cut it when you want to show her how much she means to you, so go for the real thing, which means gold of sterling silver. WIth the price of gold at all time highs, a more affordable choice might be sterling silver. Both gold and silver are precious metals that will last lifetimes, can always be polished to their original gleaming finish and can easily be sized up or down, as in the case of a ring.   For gold, look inside a ring or on the clasp of a necklace/bracelet or earring back for a stamp that has "kt" after a number, such as 10kt,  14kt or 14kt gold-filled. If the piece is sterling, it should have a stamp somewhere on it that says sterling silver or the number 925.  

3.  The addition of a stone in jewelry adds warmth and personality to the piece. Since genuine stones are part of nature, each is a one of a kind. If it's a necklace or earrings, look for a color that matches her eyes or is a color she wears often. In a ring, it might be a combination of birthstones, both hers and those of her children. If it's a bracelet, look for a cuff, bangle or beads strung on elastic so it is easy to put on without requiring help. Whatever you choose, including gemstones stones makes your gift more unique and personal gift to her.    

4.  A playlist of her favorite music. Download it to her ipod or make her a CD - whatever your delivery method, she will enjoy the tunes over and over. It's a feel good gift that shows you really know her tastes and is guaranteed to put her in a good mood whenever she listens to it.

5.  Fortunately, Mother's Day comes just as spring is in full swing. Instead of bringing her cut flowers that will die within the week, try going for a hanging basket that will last all summer long. For under $50, you can wow her with a really spectacular array of gorgeous blooms for months to come.

6.  Treat her to time at a day spa. Be sure to find one that offers massage (hot stones are fabulous), manicures and pedicures. Even better, if you're her daughter, make the time to go with her and spend the day together.

7.  If she's a reader, add books or book credit to her Kindle, Nook or Tablet.

8.  While appliances are not usually at the top of my list, a single serving coffee maker with flavored coffees is a wonderful and personal gift. It implies that she is making it just for her and not on call as the family cook or party hostess. There are any number of one cup coffee makers that use a pre-measured pod or individual container of coffee, but if you want a more environmental (Yay!) choice, Hamilton Beach makes several that use a scoop of coffee and have a permanent filter, so they do not generate any extra waste. Price is around $50.  Be sure to include a pound of her favorite coffee.

9.  Get 6 months of Netflix or Amazon Prime and show her how to use it. I don't mean to stereotype, but while younger moms may be comfortable with today's technology, lots of mothers over a certain age are not. At seventy two, my mom enjoys all the movies and old TV shows that are available to watch, but she needed a few lessons in how to access them.  It's a good idea to write down the steps in getting around on Netflix or similar programming.  What's second nature to you is not necessarily so to the generation before you, but that doesn't mean they won't enjoy what it has to offer.

10.  Arrange for a family portrait, or if that's not possible, then do a single portrait of yourself. A mother never tires of seeing the faces of her children. Remember that while her grandchildren are wonderful, YOU are your mother's child. Get a nice sized print made - at least 8 x 10 or larger and frame it before you give it to her, so it's ready to hang on the wall as soon as she opens it.

I hope this list was helpful.  Here's wishing mothers everywhere a Loving Mother's Day!    

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