Root Chakra Stone - Turritella Agate

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Turritella Agate For Root Chakra

One of my favorite and perhaps lesser known root chakra stones is turritella agate.  It is an earthy brown or black stone, and what makes it so fascinating are at the fossilized sea creatures and snails that have become part of the rock.  Caught in time, the stone is laden with these tiny spiral creatures that give a history of ancient life on earth some fifty million years ago.  Filled with prehistoric stories of life on our planet, it is a wonderful connection to the power of wisdom and strength.  Because it serves as a call to one's own ancient beginnings, this "survival stone" is perfect for root chakra work.

Turritella Agate Formation

Turitella Agate is a form of Chalcedony, which belongs to the Quartz family, and while quartz is prevalent the world over, the best turritella agate found to date is in the United States, specifically the Green River formation in Wyoming.  It is also found in northeastern Utah and northwestern Colorado.  I might add that while it is called turritella agate, the stone is mis-named.  Turritella agate was formed in the freshwater lakes that once covered Wyoming, Utah and Colorado.  (Note: As I drove through the mountains of Colorado the other day, I imagined all of it underwater, which only gave me more of an appreciation for the grandness of the land I was seeing now). The little creatures we see inside truritella agate are actually fossilized shells of elimia.  The real turritellas lived in salt water and are found only in the ocean.

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