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Pink Is For Girls?

I've never been a pink lover.  Don't get me wrong, I'm addicted to colors - all of them, but even as a young child, pink was never my first choice.  The bedroom I shared with my older sister was artfully done up in pink, from the paint on the walls to the matching pink bedspreads covered with red roses.  Even the carpet was deep pink.  Still, I longed for the bedroom of my best friend, who's room was a pale, gentle blue.  Oh, how I loved that soft, lovely hue. Somehow her parents dared to go against the tide and give their daughter a blue bedroom.  I was wildly envious.    

Growing up, I steered away from the color pink.  It was supposed to be everything sweet and feminine, but at the same time, I felt stuffed into a mold of what society thought a girl should be.  This only fanned my rebellious side.  As a teen, I got to the point where I thought pink was an insult.  Regardless of whether I liked the color or not, it was mired in so much cultural baggage, that I simply shut it out of my life.  

Pink and the Heart Chakra

All of this changed a few years ago, when I went to a gem show and came upon a huge piece of rose quartz from Madagascar. The rock weighed around a hundred and fifty pounds, and it called to me from halfway across a football field.  I had never felt such love resonate within my soul, just by being around a rock.  I bought it of course, and thanks to the help of my husband, set it in my garden, where the sun could light it up in all it's glorious pinkness.  Now when I look at that hunk of rose quartz, my heart chakra opens, and I feel happy, optimistic and loving.  Any darkness of the day is gently loved away.  My chest seems to expand, and I feel hope and love and kindness for all that is around me.  Yes, I really get all that from a rock.  Now when I see the color pink, I am reminded of my rose quartz.  I am a happier person because of it.  One might even say, my future with pink is looking rosy.  It may never be my favorite color, but at long last, pink has found a place in my heart, which is exactly where it should be. 






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