The Meaning of Orange

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More Orange Please!

Orange is the combination of red and yellow.  While red is rooted in passion and survival, and brilliant yellow floods us with confidence, orange is the color of happy.  Stimulated by this color both physically and mentally, we respond by becoming more extroverted, upbeat, spontaneous and creative when we're around it.  Not only that, but orange makes us hungry.  Restaurants often employ orange somewhere in their color scheme to make us eat more and feel happy while we're doing it.  

There are many psychological ways that color can influence our emotions.  Orange is really a helpful color in treating depression, disappointment and grief recovery.  Its warmth offers emotional strength and the ability to bounce back from life's setbacks.  I often imagine two people who are sitting in a small white room with only one wall painted a solid color.  Then I imagine the conversation those two people might be having.  With some colors, I'm not sure there would even be a conversation. If the wall were painted orange, however, my hunch is that they would engage each other in some sort of dialogue.  Orange makes us reach out, speak up, try new things and feel open to our world.

Orange is the second chakra, known as the sacral chakra.  It resides in the pelvic region, just below the navel.  If you enjoyed this blog, please visit our website to learn more on this subject.  In the meantime, put a little orange in your life.  




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