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Diamonds anyone?

So, when the Denver Art Museum brought the Cartier Jewelry Show to town, I HAD to go...twice!  The installation took place in darkened rooms with black walls.  The glass cases on the walls were lit up to reveal the most lavish, opulent and exquisite display of diamonds I have ever seen.  

Aside from the jewels themselves, I was most interested in the work room and mock studio they'd set up.  Each step in the process of creating these amazing jewels was explained and shown with the necessary tools and photographs.  I thought it was fascinating to see how the final polish on the prongs that held the stones in place was done with long cotton threads that would get inside the tiniest of crevices.  And of course, I loved the statement above the jeweler's bench that said, "A jeweler's bench is always messy.  It has to be that way."  I left the exhibit feeling inspired by the gemstones and confident that I was doing something right, based on my very messy workbench!

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