The Meaning of Black

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It has been said that black is the most misunderstood color.  I would have to agree.  While it is required for formal occasions, lending an air of sophistication and formality, it is also the color most worn by the bad guys in the movies.  Black is filled with the mysteries of the universe as well as being the solace of quiet meditation.  In nearly every case, it is a way of showing respect.  Native Americans considered black to be the color of soil, which was the well-spring of life.  Chakra philosophy ascribes black to the first chakra, also known as the root chakra.  Stability, support, family, survival and roots to the earth are all part of the first chakra.

Some years back, I was setting up a business account as a Mastercard and Visa merchant.  I arranged a meeting with a sales representative who came to the store to see what my business was all about and facilitate the application process.  He arrived on time in a new black car, dressed in a dark suit, white shirt and black tie.  I remember he was even wearing cuff links, which I thought was a pretty snazzy touch.  

He asked to see what I was selling, and I showed him a set of seven chakra jewels, briefly explaining that each chakra was represented by a color as well as a particular group of emotions.  After I'd finished, he got a somewhat patronizing smile on his face and told me that his wife would enjoy my jewelry, but that he was not an emotional sort of person. All of this "chakra stuff" did not pertain to him.  At that point, I acknowledged his shiny new car and watched as he beamed at the compliment.  Then I asked if he would have bought the very same car if it had been orange.  "Absolutely not!" he exclaimed.  "I only drive black cars.  I want people to respect me and see that I'm a solid businessman.  I've been in this business for ten years, and I've got roots in this community that go way back."

I nodded.  "I completely understand," I told him, but in my head, I was thinking that he was ruled by his emotions as much or more than any of us.  

You can use the energy of black to prepare for the unknown, seek a restful emptiness, show respect for a given situation, or you might just dig your toes into the soft black earth and find your strength.   

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