INATS 2014

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Another INATS has come and gone, and as the incredible and inspirational flower arrangements are being dismantled, I feel a bit sad that it's over.  The International New Age Trade Show (INATS) is a unique coming together of exceptional people and new age products.  But it's more than that.  For four days, the Denver Mart becomes a consortium of new age thinkers, along with artists, performers, musicians, authors and healers from around the world.  

We begin getting ready for this show six weeks in advance.  This year, we took more than two hundred pieces to display in our booth, and there were still some stones that didn't make it to the production table in time.  It's always fun to put them out and watch as the stones draw people to them.  Surprise seller at the show was a polished amethyst slab that I cut into an organic round about 3" in diameter.  It sold right away on our large link adjustable 30" sterling chain.  I could have sold ten of them, but alas, there was just the one stone of that size.  

To all who attended the show and especially to Andrew and Julie, I wish you a year of high adventure and spiritual growth. Many thanks.  See you next year at INATS!

P.S.  If you haven't read my blog about the meaning of the term "New Age," I really recommend that you do.  In researching the topic, I gleaned a deeper understanding of the fundamental ideas that make up the New Age movement and have shared them with you in the blog entitled, The Meaning of New Age.

As always, thanks for reading and visiting Chakra Jewel.

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