Amber for Teething

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Amber Helps Teething Because. . .

Succinic acid found in amber, is an all-natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.  If you are interested in exploring the effects of succinic acid to help your baby during painful episodes of teething, choose amber that is genuine, not reconstituted and has not been polished, since polishing destroys the outer layers.  This is where the most succinic acid is found. It is also known as raw amber

How To Use Amber For Infant Teething

While there are many sites that sell amber teething necklaces, I am not comfortable putting anything around a baby's neck.  I was further misguided in thinking that the baby would put the amber beads in their mouth as a substitute for a teething ring.  Once again, NOT a good idea!  There is, however,  a huge volume of people around the world, who have used amber to help their babies find relief during teething.  After doing some research on the subject, I came to the following conclusions: 

I don't recommend an amber necklace for an infant, but suggest a bracelet or anklet instead. Succinic acid is absorbed through the skin and doesn't need to come anywhere close to a baby's mouth.  It can be worn around the ankle or wrist with the same results as a necklace.  If you put a sock on over an amber anklet, it will stay warmer from the heat of a baby's skin.  The pain relieving qualities become active when the succinic acid reaches 200 F degrees, but there appears to be enough released at lower temperatures, to provide noticeable relief.  No doubt it takes much less succinic acid to be effective on a 20lb baby than a 200lb. man.

Advice About Amber

1.  Use genuine amber that is raw or unpolished.

2.  Never leave your baby unattended with or without amber jewelry of any kind.

3.  Put the beads comfortable around the baby's ankle, not the neck and cover with a sock.

4.  Make sure the amber is touching the skin.


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  • Do you know where I can find Amber teething necklaces ? Thanks in advance

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