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  As fall peeks around the corner, nature gives it her all before the frost. Leaves of green become bright red, orange and yellow, and while the spring and summer flowers have begun to fade, fall colors come with the bountiful harvest.  In celebration of Mother Nature's brilliant show of force, I've put together a group of JASPERS for fall that specifically energize the first, second and third chakras.  These chakras are represented by red, orange and yellow and play to our sense of belonging to the earth, allowing pleasure into our lives and feeling confident and self directed in our goals.

Red Jasper or apple jasper are both wonderful earthy red stones, with apple jasper being the brighter of the two.  Red jasper is more of a brick red or brown red and is often combined with ivory jasper and white quartz.  Apple jasper contains veins of bright red like the color of apple skin.  

Yellow Jasper ranges from bright yellow to a mustard yellow color and into gold.  It can be found in large chunks that are solid yellow all the way through or in combination with red jasper.

Picture Jasper is often beige, with layers of tan, brown, pale greens and soft blues.  This is how natures paints landscapes in rocks.  Each piece is a totally unique picture.     

The one color not really found in jaspers is orange.  For that color, I have selected orange calcite because it is not transparent or translucent and looks like it could be jasper.  Calcite is very soft and is found in combination with white quartz.  It is a true orange color like that found on an orange peel.

I hope one of these fabulous jaspers will come into your life soon and wish you a joyous fall!

The photos are of yellow and red jasper.   


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