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ie, Orbicular Jasper  

This amazing stone from Mother Earth reminds me of microbes one might see under a microscope.  It is a kind of jasper and agate mix that displays a unique pattern of colored circles and dots that appear to float across a deep green background. As you can see in the photos, it's very organic and alive looking.  

Found only along the northwest shoreline of Madagascar, the mine has been exhausted as of this writing.  Although other locations have been explored, another source for this fabulous material has not been found.  Named for the bubbling surf that washes against the shores of Madagascar, it also goes by other names, such as: owhyee, oregonite and kinradite.

Different, but similar looking jaspers have been found in Santa Clara County, California and Nebraska and go by the name, Poppy Jasper.  They have their own wonderful character, but there is nothing quite like the Ocean Jasper from Madagascar.

If you own a piece of this incredible stone, hold on to it, since it is no longer being mined.  As is the case with many jaspers, this predominately green and white stone is good for first chakra (root chakra), as well as heart chakra meditation.

It is one of my favorite kinds of jasper, and I am quick to buy any material I can for our inventory.  At Chakra Jewel, we shop the world to bring treasures from Mother Earth, and Ocean Jasper is most definitely among them. 





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