How To Meditate With Stones

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 Why Meditate?

Meditation is relaxing to the point where you stop the chatter inside your head.  You know, that constant voice that streams through your brain reminding you to  pick up something for dinner, call your mother/sister/daughter/brother, son, husband, father, grandmother, friends, etc. or to check the air in your tires the next time you get gas, and on and on it goes.  To stop this endless chatter takes some effort and practice.  I don't know why we are so afraid of silence, but that seems to be the case 99.9% of the time.  Meditating is simply quieting that voice, so that your brain and body can take a break.  This is different from falling asleep.  I've fallen asleep thinking about an important meeting or a fight I had with my spouse, or worried about my child, etc.  Sometimes, those thoughts will carry over into my dreams as well.  The state of meditating is about emptiness.  It is a way of detoxifying your emotions, unburdening your heart, letting go of anger, frustration and mental stress.  It can also affect the body in a physical way by lowering blood pressure, slowing the heart rate and breathing and relieving tension.     

Ther are many ways to meditate.

There are as many different ways to achieve a meditative state as there are people.  In other words, how you get there is a personal journey.  

No matter how you do it, meditation requires two things:

1. Silence

2. Clearing the mind through breathing, and relaxing the body through visualization, or sound repetition (such as "Om").That being said, I would like to familiarize you with using stones to help you in your quest for finding a truly meditative state.

Using stones, specifically quartz crystals can be an effective way to meditate.  The stones, when laid upon the chakra areas of the body, become a ritual that is both tangible and visible.  The suggestions below are meant to be helpful.  Try to stay in each phase for at least 5 minutes.  

P.S.There will NOT be a test at the end of this article,so gather your stones together and give it a try.  

First read through the step below to familiarize yourself with the process. Your will be working with 5 different quartz crystals. 

        1. Lie face up on a bed, floor, or other flat surface.  Place all of the stones in the designated places on your body.  
        2. Place a smoky quartz crystal on the lower abdomen to ground the experience into physical reality.  Focus on feeling safe and secure.  Once you feel safe, visualize yourself as a tree with a thick brown bark and sink your body into the ground, letting your roots go deep down into the earth, while your branches reach for the sky.  Nothing can harm you.  You are one with the earth.  
        3. Then place a citrine crystal at the navel to relax and purify the body.  This is the core chakra and is considered to be the source of personal power.  Visualize a tiny yellow sun in your solar plexus. You are surrounded in golden light.  Feel the warmth radiate from the center of your body, as confidence flows through your veins.  Know that you have all the power you need within you.  
        4. Next, place a rose quartz over the heart to allow negative emotions to flow out of the heart and positive ones to flow into it.  Visualize someone or a pet that you love and be aware of the sense that your heart is overflowing with happiness and love.  This is your center of healing, and it feels like you are at peace with the world.
        5. Then place an amethyst crystal on the brow to still the mind.  Visualize yourself cleaning the dust and cobwebs out of your brain.  Imagine shining a light into your mind and look within.  Sweep away any confusion and step out of your own way so that you can see clearly.
        6. And finally, place the pointed end of a clear quartz crystal at the top of the head. Doing so will stimulate the crown chakra, the highest energy point in the body, causing one's higher consciousness centers to vibrate and open.  Let your mind leave your body entirely, as you open the top of your head, letting your energy float among the stars.
        7. Once all of the crystals have been placed in position, close your eyes and visualize the energy by focusing on one of them at a time.  Pay attention to any areas that are harder for you to maintain your focus, as those arethe areas where you are most vulnerable.                                                            (suggestion: record your voice slowly and softly, speaking the steps of the quartz meditation so that when you do the meditation, you can follow along by listening to it rather than having to memorize it or keep referring to it during the meditation.)
        8. Rest and be patient.  Stay open and ready to receive what comes.
















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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