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Dragon Blood Jasper

The story behind Dragon Blood Jasper is one of the most interesting I've come across and perfect for Halloween.  The stone, which has a mossy yellow green background is shot with veins of deep red.  It is thought that the stone is the fossilized remains of ancient dragons.  The green is the skin of the beast, while the red veins are the blood.

Oddly enough, I was working with some dragon blood jasper recently and came across three pieces that had striking veins of red running through them in such a way, that when I lined them up next to each other, I really did see the shape of a lizard/dragon.  It was so apparent and shocking that I had to find a way to tell others about it, thus my blog.  

Hope you chance upon some dragon blood jasper in time for Halloween this year.  If you're interested, try looking at our site: www.chakrajewel.com


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