Why Jewelry Is Good for Chakras

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     Joyful Jewels!

Today I bought myself a pair of earrings - not that I don't own at least 100 pairs - but these were not something I would have thought to make myself.  I put them on as soon as I'd paid for them.  Instantly, I noticed that people were smiling at me, maybe because I was projecting a sense of joy at the experience of wearing the earrings.  It was no so much about the earrings themselves, as the way they made me feel; and there's the tip off why jewelry is so good for chakras.  It's a way of expressing how we feel.

Wearing Jewelry

Personal adornment through jewelry has always been about self expression.  Unlike clothing, it is not worn to keep warm, but simply because it makes the wearer feel good.   Wearing chakra jewelry is a way to focus on whatever feelings you are working through.  Notice that I did not say the stone would solve all one's problems, but rather, by holding it or gazing into it, it is easy to center one's focus on an inner issue.  

Chakras are the anatomy of feelings.  Just as we have arms, legs, bones, skin, etc., human beings experience the same set of emotions.  From happiness to sadness, anger to acceptance, depression to hope, fear to confidence, all of us share these same emotions regardless of our age, gender or culture.  It's part of the way we are made.  

Chakras give us a way to organize our feelings into a system with the intention of understanding ourselves and the universe on a deeper level.  Without having to even try, wearing a piece of jewelry will wake up your senses and make you tap into your subtle anatomy before you even know it.  They serve as reminders that our emotions are powerful motivators throughout our entire lives.  Understanding our behavior and those of others remains a life long endeavor.  Jewelry that has a special meaning is one of many ways to connect to our inner feelings.

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