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The Great Negotiator

Turquoise is the beautiful blending of blue and green.  It is the connection between the what the heart feels and the head thinks.  It is the voice of the heart and the color of the sky.  This peaceful hue creates balance and compromise and is sometimes referred to as the color of negotiation because it is the coming together of two colors to make a third.  It relates to the chakra system by connecting the heart and throat.   

Throughout human history, turquoise has been treasured and was one of the first gems to be mined.  It has been found in the ancient tombs of Egyptian kings from 3,000 years BC, used in to cover the domes of Persian palaces to symbolize heaven and adorned the bodies and artifacts of pre Columbian Native Americans, Aztecs and the Anasazi.  Not only has turquoise been used in jewelry, architecture and spiritual ceremonies, it has also been traded for other commodities such as food, blankets and animals.  

Turquoise is no less loved today.  Because of its continued popularity, many turquoise mines have been depleted.  The price for fine turquoise that has not been treated, dyed or stabilized is higher than ever.  Often found alongside veins of copper veins in the earth, there is hope that we will discover new sources for turquoise as the demand for copper in the world increases     

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