New Chakra Bracelets

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Custom Bracelets for Chakras

This season, we've had some requests from our customers for chakra bracelets.  Our current inventory includes bangle bracelets for the chakras, but thanks to our innovative customers, we can't wait to share a whole new line of chakra bracelets with everyone. I personally love bracelets.  Everyone, including the person wearing it, can enjoy looking at it.  

Sterling Silver Bracelets

 As always, our jewelry is made in Littleton, Colorado, USA.  In addition to beautiful gemstone beads that add a pop of color to your wrist, many of the beads are sterling silver and marcasite and came from a collection at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.  Unfortunately, the vendor is no longer making these beads, which is a shame, as they are really gorgeous!  All of our bracelets are limited edition pieces, so don't wait.   

Custom Jewelry

Our new bracelets are strung on heavy stretch cord.  No more fumbling around trying to work a clasp with one hand.  Putting on our bracelets is quick and easy.  Slip it over your hand and you're good to go.  What a joy!     

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