Boulder Jazz Fest

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Boulder Colorado

This summer, we decided to show our gorgeous new bracelets at the Boulder Jazz Fest over the 4th of July.  It was such a beautiful location on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, CO, and it was fun to show our newest products to all who strolled by.  If you're looking at the photo on this blog, you can see the bracelets atop the table with striped legs and gold high heels.  We don't get out of the studio all that often, so when we do, we make sure to have a good time!  The beer garden kept everyone in good spirits and even the weather was exciting!  It rained on and off throughout the weekend, but the sun always came out within ten minutes to dry everything out.  Really lovely, I must say.  


Made in our Littleton, CO studio, we're really pleased with the design and quality of these bracelets and know you will enjoy wearing them.  Strung on heavy elastic and tied with a surgeon's knot, they are a joy to put on and take off - no clasp to try and maneuver with one hand.  In addition to gemstones, many of the styles incorporate exquisite handmade sterling silver beads.  We are a design studio, not a factory, so each bracelet is made to order.  We are happy to accommodate smaller or larger wrist sizes by adding or subtracting a bead for proper fit.




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