Healing Chakras With Light

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Light waves and Chakras

Some years ago, I herniated a disc in my lower back.  I was given a prescription medication for pain, but the side effects were so severe I could not take it.  I ended up trying acupuncture, which made me feel  uncommunicative and very withdrawn (not my normal state).  While I didn't find the acupuncture especially helpful for my back- sorry, but I'm being honest here, my acupuncturist added something to my treatment that was most extraordinary.  In fact, it affected so greatly that I still remember it many years later in vivid detail.

Bathed in Color

During several of my acupuncture treatments, I was left to rest quietly in a small room with a powerful light that changed colors.  It was not unlike a spotlight that changes the color on a Christmas tree, but very much more powerful.  I could literally feel the waves of red light change to orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, indigo and finally violet before starting the cycle over again.  The colors were so intense that they felt more solid than just air.  I could have stayed in that room for hours and later, I inquired where I might buy such a light for use in my home.   

Dreaming of Color

As it turned out, the light had been made by a man who had had a recurring dream about it.  He'd made several of them and because they were not mass produced at that time, the cost was in the thousands of dollars - far beyond my budget!  Eventually my back got better, and I lost track of the acupuncturist who moved her practice out of state.  To this day, I can remember the feeling of being bathed in light of pure color.  With the help of the internet, I will continue to search for this sort of light therapy and promise to pass on my findings in the future!  

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