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A Heart Chakra Story

Ten and a half years ago a puppy came into my life.  From the start, he was a big boy.  It took both arms to hold him at 8 weeks.  He gave new meaning to the expression, "big boned".  Each week he gained 5 pounds and that continued for 9 months until he topped out at 140 lbs.  We named him Phillip the Tank, and had a lot of fun making puns with it.   We didn't feed him, we would simply fill up the Tank.  When he listened to us talking, we would say, "think Tank" and whenever he did something good, which was often, we said "Tank you."  

He was the epitome of calm.  There was never so much as a tremor in his body, and just by touching him, I was instantly reassured that life was good and things in the world made sense.  It was his gift.  

A mix of rottweiler, great dane, St. Bernard and German shepherd, every part of him was big and heavy.  Whatever kind of mutt he was, he was gorgeous.  It never failed when he went with us that someone would look into his amber eyes and say, "Hello Handsome."  

Well I could go on and on, but the point of this blog is to help myself get used to the idea that he is no longer with us.  At nearly 11, having battled a disease that affects the ability to walk in giant breed dogs and horses, we helped him find a peaceful ending.  

Although we have 3 more wonderful dogs, we all miss Tank terribly.    

So that was 3 days ago and I've noticed that each day, I've reached for a green stone to wear.  It's unconscious on my part, but I'm feeling a definite connection to all my green heart chakra stones.  I feel like putting all of them on at the same time.  I know that the stones will not bring back my beloved Tank, but when my eyes blur at the moment that I'm struck with a thought of him, I feel a steadying comfort by holding on to the stone.  No doubt I would have gotten through the sad moment either way, but the stone actually brought me a feeling of comfort, as it hung round my neck and lay close to my heart.

Whatever sort of challenges you are facing in your life, I hope you will find some strength and comfort in the rocks.  The descriptions of stones and their meanings are easily found on the website, www.chakrajewel.com as well as many other online sources.




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