Is One Stone Enough?

Posted by Donna Cook on

How Many Stones?

After many years of collecting gemstones for Chakra Jewel, one would think I might have at least 100 pendants to wear, but the truth is, I kept only a few for myself.  Then a friend who has purchased dozens of Chakra Jewels from me asked why I was being so stingy with myself and I had no good answer.  It's not unlike the cobbler who's children have no shoes or the photographer who has no pictures of himself.

I bought myself a hanging jewelry keeper with tons of pockets and took stock of my stones.  After making up eight new pieces for myself - (I am the boss after all), I began to see how often switching stones to wear gave me new energy.  I found myself focusing on something new every day.  Each stones connects with me in a different way and I'm enjoying each and every one of the jewels.

I can not tell you how many stones are the right amount to have, but I do know that one is most definitely not enough.  Treat yourself to a new jewel every few months and see what new energies light up your life!

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