Chakra Meanings For Aquamarine

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 The Essence of True Blue

Whether it is through writing, speaking, music, dance, the visual arts, performing arts, culinary arts or any other creative endeavor, the color blue encourages self expression.  Centered in the fifth or throat chakra, this energy is about finding your truth and expressing it to the outside world through creative forms.  

Using a blue stone is a fabulous aid to energizing this area of the chakra system.  There are quite a few blue stones in nature that activate the throat chakra and can be very helpful in guiding you to your own truth.  Blue chalcedony, sodalite, amazonite and turquoise are all good stones for the fifth chakra, but my favorite would have to be aquamarine.  I once had the good fortune to see a very large natural aquamarine crystal at a gem show.  Just looking at it brought up feelings of such innocence and honesty that my eyes filled with tears.  At that moment, I felt the essence of the expression, true blue.    

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